Sweet 16
Kathy Brogley(non-registered)
Wowwww, Thierry!!! You are one FANTASTIC photographer! ! !
Stacy-Ann Facey(non-registered)
You are able to capture what the dances look like while we are in the moment, ministering to others and cannot see ourselves. Thank you for snapping great shots of us dancers and the entire church really. You are a gifted photographer. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Ray Icaza(non-registered)
Your work looks great. I had not forgotten about our meeting, just matter of getting things organized. I do have an event tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday that I can use you.
Call me.
Stephen Brozenske(non-registered)
It's amazing what a difference there is the quality and artistic expression of Professional Photography.
Lois O'Neal(non-registered)
Wow!.....Great Work.

Good Luck with your business.
Crystal Stoner(non-registered)
Love the web page!!
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